About us

Our Story

Hi! Nice to meet you!

I'm Jess, a mother of two lovely little girls and the founder of Cosoco! In 2020, the idea for Cosoco was born during the pandemic in Jakarta, Indonesia, when my eldest daughter had skin issues ranging from acne, allergies, heat rashes to eczema. The discomfort was affecting her sleep, causing restless nights, and making it impossible for her to wear her favorite outfits or enjoy her day.

I was determined to find a solution because I knew that the clothing touching her skin was a major contributor to her discomfort. Unfortunately, I couldn't find suitable options in the market options that truly understood and cared for children with sensitive skin.

That's how Cosoco Kids was born.

Our mission is to provide families with a peace of mind and everyday comfort by offering luxuriously soft, cozy, and timeless essentials. From bedtime to play and everything in between, our elevated prints redefine comfort, making each moment truly special and a chance to tell a story!

It’s important to me to only use the best and safest fabrics to help soothe sensitive skin. That’s why, all our products are made from the softest TENCEL™ fibers that are not only gentle on the skin but also environmentally friendly.


Our Prints 

Our prints are more than just drawings - they're stories inspired by the little moments in life. Cosoco became a storytelling canvas for my daughter, drawing inspiration from her first safari adventure, family trips, and our daily strolls.

Through our designs, we've witnessed the power of visual storytelling. Seeing our daughter engage with the details in each print from her own perspective has taught us so much about how she sees the world.

Our designs celebrate the beauty in life's little wonders. Every Cosoco print captures a memory, sparks imagination, and invites children everywhere to join in the storytelling adventure. With each print, we hope to inspire kids to explore their surroundings, find magic in the everyday, and create their own tales.

Welcome to Cosoco. We’re so excited to share more of our softest happiness with you!